You are here because you genuinely believe that your company can be a force for good and has untapped potential to significantly impact society and the environment. You want to join the movement of like-minded leaders who have recognized this more significant purpose for the corporation. You have heard of, or are familiar with B-Corporations and want to know what it would take to become one.

You are in the right place. Syntegra-ESG consultants can advise and guide you and your team on how to achieve B-Corp status.  B-Corps, are for-profit companies at the heart of a global movement of people using the power of business to create shared, durable prosperity for all. You can join a 2,500 B Corps movement in more than 150 industries in 60 countries around the world. By joining this community of like-minded companies you:

  • Gain insight by collaborating with fellow B-Corp leaders and employees
  • Attract talent and build culture
  • Share best practices, benchmark and improve performance
  • Build credibility and amplify your voice
  • Protect your purpose and mission
  • Receive a verified seal of approval for the quality of your work and its impact

The process for becoming a B-Corp is easier than you think, and we can guide you every step of the way.

  • Gather the team
  • Gather documents
  • Formalize policies
  • Track metrics
  • Examine supply chain
  • Adopt a mission aligned governance structure
  • Complete B-Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Get Certified
  • Receive your certificate