by Richard Ramdial, Mark Stephens, Axel KravatzkyAwakeningIn the face of the current global pandemic, just as we as individuals have had to pause and reflect on what is important, similarly corporations have a tremendous opportunity to rethink what is important and to rediscover why they exist, how they can continue to create value, including profit,

The Common Reed Phragmites australis is a large perennial species of grass. They normally grow to about 2 m high, but much of the plant biomass is contained below ground in a dense mass of roots and rhizomes that can penetrate the soil to a depth more than 2 m. Reeds favour damp to moderately

As indicated on the ISO webpage for ISO/TC309/WG4, which leading the work on ISO 37301, this standard is the revision of ISO 19600 Compliance management systems - Guidelines.  This is a Type A Management System standard that has as scope to specify requirements and provides guidance for use for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective and responsive

As mentioned on the ISO website of ISO/TC309/WG1, the working group that is leading the development of the this standard, was formally charged with the task in September 2017. Publication of ISO 37000 Guidance for the governance of organizations is expected in Q2 of 2021. At present this standard is in the enquiry draft stage. That means that members

The purpose of ISO 37002 is to provided guidelines for implementing, managing, evaluating, maintaining and improving a robust and effective management system within an organization for whistleblowing. As mentioned on the ISO/TC309 website page for the standard, this International Standard is non-sector specific and can be used by organizations of all sizes, including SMEs, and those