Our People

Spread across the planet but united by purpose and values, our diverse team of partners and consultants is made up of  highly credibly, experienced and innovative professionals, many of whom are thought leaders in their respective areas. We celebrate and promote diversity in all its forms and recognize the strength of having a wide spectrum of technical knowledge and skills which we believe give us the best chance at arriving at optimal results for our clients. This diversity of perspectives gives rise to our unique creative process that designs, develops and deploys customized ESG and related solutions.

Our Culture

Our purpose is informed by a deeply held belief that the decisions our clients make have the power to positively impact their investors, stakeholders and the wider natural eco-system. This integral and integrated perspective reinforces our belief that net-positive and generative futures are not only possible but urgently needed. As we continuously seek and cocreate ways to improve our collective future and that of the planet, our appreciative approach to purpose also guides and shapes our relationships with each other, our clients and their stakeholders.


We believe good partnerships come in many forms but are always founded on shared values and shared visions of the future. We If you are passionate about our work and feel deeply committed to building a better future for our planet and its people, begin the conversation here….

At Syntegra.ESG, our people at the core of our purpose