February 7

ISO DIS 37000 Guidance for the governance of organizations

Axel Kravatzky

As mentioned on the ISO website of ISO/TC309/WG1, the working group that is leading the development of the this standard, was formally charged with the task in September 2017. Publication of ISO 37000 Guidance for the governance of organizations is expected in Q2 of 2021.

At present this standard is in the enquiry draft stage. That means that members of ISO Technical Committee 309 "Governance of Organizations", are ask to review the Draft International Standard and vote by 2 September 2020 if the present draft standard, subject to consensus being reached on additional technical and editorial comments by National Member Bodies and Liaison organizations, can go forward to the approval stage (FDIS) before it is then adopted as an ISO standard. 

At the beginning of June ISO/TC309 consisted of 54 Participating National Member Bodies (countries), 22 Observing National Member Bodies (countries), and 23 Liaison Organizations

Syntegra's Dr Axel Kravatzky, is the co-convenor of ISO/TC309/WG1, the working developing this standard, the editor of the standard, and he is also the Chair of the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standard (TTBS) National Mirror Committee (NMC) for the ISO/TC309 Governance of Organizations. The role of the NMC is to provide the national perspective input and inform TTBS in its participation towards the agreement of an international consensus. 

Axel's involvement in with the standard started around September 2016. At the time Axel was working with Caroline Oliver, who was, among other things, the editor of a Wiley newsletter on Board Leadership - Innovative Approaches to Governance.  Caroline was also one of the lead experts that developed BS 13500:2013 Code of practice for delivering effective governance of organizations, and she invited Axel to examine if T&T could nominate him to take part as an expert in informal ISO work that examined the possibility of developing this international standard.  

Review ISO/DIS 37000 and submit your comments

The ISO / Draft International Standard (DIS) 37000 was issued on June 10, 2020 for review by National Membership Bodies of ISO (in Trinidad & Tobago that is TTBS). We encourage all interested parties to visit their national member bodies or liaison organizations members contact their expert representatives and register your interest to review and comment. The ISO Directives give direction for how this to be accomplished, but there are also national specificities. In T&T, go to the TTBS website and register their interest if you want to review and comment on it. Also, register your interest for Webinars on this topic that the TTBS and NMC will be holding.

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