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 Leading From Purpose - Core Program

Evolve your leadership skills and create a plan for navigating the next normal in which people, planet and profit are the keys to sustainable success.

Leading From Purpose

This program is an evolutionary journey designed to foster the capabilities required to lead and impact teams and organizations during times of constant, complex change. Using our CLUETM process (Complexity, Liminality, Uncertainty, Emergence), participants are guided through personal liminal space to make the shifts characteristic of purposeful transformation. This journey invites leaders to ignite their high-impact leadership identity by discovering the power of purpose, and  then kick-starting change in self, team, and the wider organization.  Leaders will design practical prototypes in service of their specific team and organizational purpose as well as what is emerging  as part of their preferred future.

Class size limited to 08 - 12  participants - we are focused on your learning. Secure these benefits now!

Through a series of online instructor-led experiences over three months, leaders develop and refine their ability to find the awareness and clarity needed to embrace complexity and meet the emerging future.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn why you should lead from Purpose
  • Understand why you are the most powerful instrument of change
  • Understanding the CLUEsTM to evolving your leadership influence in times of turbulence
  • Envision how to positively impact people, planet, and profits.


  • Clarity and insight into purpose as a facilitating mechanism to navigate constant change
  • Updated mental models for high impact leadership
  • A specific prototype for your next steps
  • An impact roadmap your organization for higher investment and higher-level outcomes.

Here's What You'll get when you sign up

The  Leading from Purpose (Core Program) is a series of live online 2-hour* sessions, supplemented with practical impact work, coaching, and the opportunity for engagement in co-created Communities of Practice (COP) and Impact (COI).

There are approximately 2 weeks between each module to allow for learning, experimentation, conversations in Communities of Practice and Impact, coaching, and task completion before meeting again. All modules include practical work to be completed before sessions. A final presentation by participants will enrich and solidify learning.

*Larger cohorts may require sessions up to 3 hours.


Complete this course from the comfort of your home or office. Less travel is good for the environment, more cost effective and offers greater flexibility.


You can review the recording of every module for two (02) months. In this way you can re-enforce your learning and catch up in case you miss any of the live modules.

Small Groups

Receive personal attention and direct meaningful interaction with our course faculty. Groups are limited to no more than twelve (12) persons or two teams.  


Learn with a cohort of peers. Learning is more effective when it is interactive and you can get answers to your questions along the way.


Participants are assigned light preparatory work between each module and will review their work in class with each other. There will be opportunities to practice concepts and “play” with experiments in the safe space of sessions. 


All participants get personal  support to help with any technical or course related issues during office hours – timing to be announced at the beginning of each course. Outside of office hours, contact an instructor for further help, allowing 24 hours for response.

How will you benefit?

what are the learning objectives

  • Articulate the forces of change and unlock new levels of self awareness to navigate a vuca world. Experience the CLUEs  (Complexity, Liminality, Uncertainty, Emergence) for thriving as a 21stc leader.
  • Demystify your value systems, beliefs and mental models. Install and align the leadership frames and behaviours needed to activate purpose  and improve ecosystem wellbeing.
  • Gain clarity of purpose and explore new ways of leading within your system. Activate and leverage the power of shared purpose for your team and organization.
  • Co-create practical prototypes for meaningful and sustained system impact and map a strategy for implementation.
  • Benefit from continuous engagement with your communities of learning, practice and impact which support the ongoing journey of transformation.

What’s in the course...

A series of online 2-hour* live sessions, supplemented with practical impact work, coaching, and the opportunity for additional engagement in Communities of Impact (COI) between sessions.

There are approximately 2 weeks between each module to allow for learning, experimentation, conversation in Communities of Impact, coaching, and task completion before we meet again. All modules include practical work to be completed before the next session. A final presentation by participants will enrich and solidify learning at the end of the program.

*Larger cohorts may require sessions up to 3 hours. All live sessions begin at 09:30 AST.

Module 1: Propelled by Purpose

Week 1 (Preparation)

  • Individual meetings with the coach(es)

Week 2 (Preparation)

  • Course Map and Developmental Journey
  • Assess Readiness For Change, Aspirations, Values
  • Build The Container

Week 3 (Online-Session 1)

  • Introduction to CLUETM
  • Identify forces of change and emerging concerns
  • The rise of ESG and the importance of wellbeing
  • How change works - liminal space, social fields, and the dynamics of transformation
  • Finding, sharing, and unifying Purpose
  • Engaging stakeholders and system

Weeks 4-5 (Offline)

  • Conduct Stakeholder interviews
  • Meet as Community of Practice

Module 2: Transformation by Design

Week 6 (Online - Session 2)

  • Stakeholder Interview Feedback
  • Demystifying hidden value systems, beliefs, mental models
  • Transforming Into The Leader You Need To Be
  • Prototyping For Impact

Weeks 7-9 (Offline)

  • Connect with stakeholders while developing prototype
  • Meet as Community of Practice to refine prototype
  • Individually crystallize purpose

Module 3: Iterations for Impact

Week 10 (Online Session 3)

  • Preparing To Launch Prototype
  • Establishing Feedback Loops
  • Navigating Liminal Space
  • Establishing a Community of Impact (COI)

Weeks 11 – 12 (Offline)

  • Meet as Community of Impact to ensure prototype sustainment and implementation

Week 13

  • Participant Presentation to Sponsor for Certificate of Completion.

Limited space! Enroll now to be one of 12 participants!


the following non-academic certificates will be issued by

Syntegra Institute for transformation and impact


  • Certificate of Completion
    A Certificate of Completion requires 75% live participation by individuals or teams over three months. This Certificate also requires participants to complete all assignments and make a presentation based on what has been learned and outlines a plan of action for impact and moving forward.
  • Certificate of Attendance
    Participants who attended all the sessions and completed all the assignments.

Your Instructor

Dr. Lisa Withrow

In her 22 years of work in both the academy and in the field, Lisa provides insight about the intersection of research and practice for leadership excellence. She has immersed in cultures throughout the world in teaching and learning contexts,  has participated in various “emerging future” groups such as Theory U (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and co-founded both the Guild for Engaged Liminality (2019), and the Global Catalytic Coaching Institute (2020). Lisa earned her Bachelor’s degree in environmental biology and political science at Bucknell University, her Master’s of Divinity from Duke University, and her Ph.D. in Leadership studies from the University of Glasgow.

Coaching credentials include certification through the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland,  International Coaching Federation, Center for Credentialing and Education, and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (Team Coaching - ITCA). With three certificates from Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson School of Management in Executive Leadership, High-Performance Leadership, and Change Leadership, Lisa has an up-to-date portfolio of trends, research, and challenges facing the worlds of business and higher education. Lisa is certified as an Intercultural Development Inventory interpreter, has experienced use of tools such as Appreciative Inquiry, Conflict Management Styles, Polarity ManagementTM, and currently is developing work around her practical research area, Liminal Leadership.

Sample of Recent Book Publications - The Liminal Loop (chapter contributor, 2022) • Crossing Thresholds: A Practical Theology of Liminality (co-author, 2021) • Leadership in Unknown Waters: Liminality as Threshold to the Future (2020) • Alienation and Connection: Suffering in a Global Age (editor, co-author, 2011)

Your Instructor

Mr. Richard Ramdial

Richard holds a B.A. (University of Keele) and Post Graduate Diploma (Hons.) (UWI) in International Relations. He is a certified Business Coaching Coach (2011) and holds the ACC designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) (2014) and is a co-founder of the ICF Caribbean Chapter. He certified in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) (2016) which leverages neuroscience for better coaching outcomes. He is also certified in Team Coaching by the Global Team Coaching Institute (GCTI) and has the Global Team Coaching Individual Accreditation (ITCA) from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (2020). He has also completed the Foundations program in Team Coaching by Corentus. Richard is also a Prosci change practitioner (2011, 2021), and a facilitator for the Total Leader SeriesTM by Leadership Management International (LMI) (2011).

For over almost three decades Richard has worked and excelled at the executive level in some of the most demanding organizational environments in both the public and private sectors and brings this range real world experience to bear on his client conversations helping them to bridge the gap between theory and practice. His consulting work primarily focuses on strategic alignment and implementation, change management and organisational culture. As a trusted advisor he plays the role of a “thinking partner” to future oriented teams and individual leaders, helping them to update their thinking models and strategic frameworks so they are relevant and useful in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. His current areas of interest include the impact of the global technological convergence on the human experience and preparing teams for  success in a networked age.

Our Signature

Development Process

  • Propelled by Purpose – we believe when participants discover and unify their individual purpose with organizational purpose, they become well prepared to undertake the transformational journey that 21st C leaders must engage to lead in a turbulent and uncertain world. Such personal  transformations are a necessary precursor to any wider organizational and systematic transformation.
  • Transformational by Designwhile knowledge acquisition and skill-building are integral to the process, participants are guided to move beyond incremental, tactical changes to undertake the deeper self-reflection needed to traverse the liminal space which lies at the heart of the transformational journey. Course participants uncover and discover new ways of thinking and being that allow them to inspire, co-create and innovate for the emerging future.
  • Intended for Impact - participants encountering transformation through this process will  co-create prototypes specific to their organizational purpose, which are designed to make net positive impacts in their organizations and wider stakeholder ecosystems.
  • Tailored to You - our small group size and individual attention allows participants to receive the attention they need to support their individual transformational journeys.

Pricing Plan

3 month

CORE Course

Program Fee

1,750  USD
  • Two Month Access to recordings
  • Immediate Start of Preparation
  • Sequenced Access to All Modules
  • Exclusive and Small Cohort of Participants
  • Access to Private Community of Practice
  • Coaching Support

Frequently Asked Questions

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