Syntegra-ESG is accustomed to being called to the table when the other consultants have departed. We understand your concerns and are obsessed with building a purposeful activation strategy that is aligned to your specific needs.



Patterns of Strategy

To take stakeholder value to the next level, you’re in the process of relooking  your organisational strategy. You think its critical to put purpose at the center of your strategy but you want to make sure it informs all aspects of how you go to market.  You need help to make sure your purpose informs your brand, people, product, customer experience, supply chain, government/regulatory, community involvement and the environment strategies.

NB: Most customers prefer customized approaches

The fundamental issue you face as a leader is that your organization needs practical guidance on how to enact purpose seamlessly through your everyday operations and consistent with your brand. You want to have the confidence that you can exceed targets on previously intangible KPIs, such as social and environmental impact, without compromising your high expectations on traditional KPIs, such as revenues and margins.

Integrating Purpose into your go-to-market strategies
Integrating purpose into people management
Environmental Impact Strategy
Community involvement
Government and regulatory