Purposeful Governance

So you decided to lean into your organization's true and most compelling purpose, but you know that a critical driver of your success is to have leaders who can lead consistent with your purpose. This means that you need to build a leadership team focused on purposeful governance. But what is purposeful governance, and why is it important?

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ISO/DIS 37000(en) Guidance for the governance of organizations

As a leader, you are committed to lead an organisation that stands out from its peers uniquely living up to its responsibility to positively impact our people’s lives and the environment. You want to lean into purpose. However, in order to ensure you can authentically lead you want to reengage your leadership team to ensure that they are aligned to the implications of purpose on governance.

NB: Most customers prefer customized approaches

Purposeful governance builds the foundation for the achievement of the true and most compelling purpose of your organization. It is important because it re-orients your leaders to become advocates whose daily actions are consistent with the ultimate ethical reason for being of your organization. This is the way to maximize your organization's positive impact on society and the environment.

Syntegra-ESG is accustomed to being called to the table when the other consultants have departed. We understand your concerns and are obsessed with building a purposeful activation strategy that is aligned to your specific needs.

With Syntegra-ESG guiding you in the tailoring ISO/DIS 37000(en) Guidance for the governance of organizations for your specific circumstances, you can count on three primary outcomes:

Ethical behaviour: you report on your organization's performance and stewardship of resources in an accurate and timely manner; you also engage with relevant stakeholders in ways that build trust and treat all stakeholders fairly, fulfilling your obligations and commitments.

Effective performance: your organization not only meets and exceeds traditional KPIs like profitability and customer experience measures, but it will also outperform benchmarks, goals on the social and environmental impact consistent with compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations.