Now that you have begun your journey towards fulfilling your organization’s purpose, you want to track your success in order to navigate and communicate progress to both internal and external stakeholders. This is because you want to ensure that you are creating optimal value for these beneficiaries, society, and the natural environment. Moreover, it is critical that you transparently communicate your verified progress because you want to be seen as accountable for your commitments.

Yet, you are faced with purposeful governance reporting standards and KPIs that come from multiple organizations. So, it can be difficult to know which are best suited for your particular needs while being sufficient to meet or exceed international good practice. Furthermore, you want to set up your leadership team for success. In order to stay agile and make the right decisions at the right time, they need easy to use and highly responsive mechanisms for tracking your progress, so that they can readily make course corrections and see the effects on goals and targets.

Syntegra-EGS’s approach builds on the three-step framework for measuring purpose recommended by the Enacting Purpose Initiative - and is bolstered by our four proprietary tools:

Purpose Tracker: AI augmented data and insights from across your organization, your stakeholders, your industry, and its wider context. We integrate industry specific material information with stakeholder insights and big data, such as supply chain information, in a cadence that suits your needs. This is always accessible to you in real-time via foresight driven decision insight dashboards.
Purpose Monitor:  Syntegra-ESG tracks purposeful progress across multiple industries, so you can benchmark against your peers.
Decision Technology: Syntegra-ESG has had significant success in supporting decision making and change management across multiple board rooms, executive suites and at all levels in organizations. We leverage tools such as Decision Conferencing, Multi-Attribute Value Analysis, and Foresight.
Integrated Reporting: Traditional investor reporting mechanism (annual reports, 10K’s, etc) give a snapshot of the financial health of a company.  But these mechanisms fall short of capturing the full breadth of the impact of an organization when it is purpose-driven. Syntegra-ESG leverages the International Integrated Reporting Framework of the IIRC. Integrated Reporting enhances accountability and stewardship for all forms of capital (financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural) and promotes comprehensive decision making.